COVID-19 Policy


1.   This COVID-19 Policy (Policy) was first published on 3 March 2020.

2.  Bare Barbies may change, amend or replace this Policy by uploading a revised policy onto the website at any time at its entire discretion.  The change will apply from the date that Bare Barbies uploads the revised Policy, and that date will be indicated below.

3.  Bare Barbies takes the health and safety of hosts, guests and Bare Barbies seriously. The following measures reflect Bare Barbies’ intention to ensure that bookings are facilitated in a safe manner, and hosts are afforded adequate flexibility in the ever-changing circumstances.



4.  Pursuant to the government’s withdrawal of the My Vaccine Pass mandate for workers at events, from 5 April 2022, Bare Barbies are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

5.  Bare Barbies does not impose any requirement for hosts or guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.



6.  Based on government guidance:

(a) Red: events may occur with up to 200 people indoors, or without capacity limits for outdoor events; face coverings are required only where the event is indoors and the defined space is being shared with other groups or members of the public.

(b) Orange: events may occur without capacity limits; face coverings are encouraged but not required.

(c) Green: there are no restrictions for gatherings or events.

7. Bare Barbies will update this Policy if and when government guidance evolves.



8. If the host is an organiser of an event that is covered by the government’s record-keeping and contact tracing obligations, the host must ensure that there is a way for guests and Bare Barbies to record their attendance at the event.

(a) Any Bare Barbies’ personal information collected for record-keeping or contact tracing purposes must be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

(b) If the host, as the organiser of an event, is required to display a QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer app, the host must meet their obligations in this respect, and Bare Barbies (not being the organiser of the event or the person control of the venue) assumes no liability for same.



9. At an event, Bare Barbies are “performers” and are not subject to mandatory mask-wearing requirements: That said, it is a matter for individual preference whether masks shall be at the event. Hosts shall respect Bare Barbies’ preference in this regard, and must notify Bare Barbies in advance if masks will be a requirement at the event.



10. Bare Barbies will maintain regular contact with all Bare Barbies regarding their wellbeing and self-assessed risk status.

11. Any Bare Barbies who consider themselves at-risk, or who Bare Barbies consider to be at-risk in its entire discretion, will be unassigned from any upcoming parties until they are cleared as a non-risk. Health and safety is Bare Barbies’ utmost concern, and these decisions may be made on short notice.



12. Bare Barbies will be actively spreading shifts and events between a greater number of Bare Barbies. The reason for this change is that Bare Barbies will be less likely to work consecutive shifts in a weekend, thus reducing the risk of inadvertent transmission between guests, Bare Barbies and/or subsequent parties.

13. Bare Barbies are encouraged to minimise the level of proximity within 1 metre of guests to reduce the risk of transmission (so far as is reasonably practicable in light of the particular service that has been booked). As per clause 9, Bare Barbies is not subject to a mandatory face covering requirement.

14. Bare Barbies are expected to maintain exacting personal hygiene standards.

15. Due to intensified scheduling requirements, Bare Barbies may be unable to honour hosts’ stated Bare Barbie preferences. Bare Barbies does not guarantee that Bare Barbie changes will be communicated to the host in advance.

16. The following Bare Waitress games are most compatible with social distancing:

(a) Coochie Cupcakes;

(b) Don’t Say It;

(c) Mr & Mrs Roulette;

(e) Risqué Charades; and

(d) Risqué Pictionary.



17. In the event that a government order or restriction prevents the event from taking place, the host is entitled to:

(a) reschedule the event for any future date / time / location, with the host’s original service price being honoured, whether the host made a full or partial payment of the booking fee; or

(b) a refund of the booking fee, less the $50 deposit.

18. For the purposes of clause 17:

(a) “prevents the event from taking place” includes where the location is inacessible by Bare Barbies or the majority of event guests due to a regional border restriction, or because of a social restriction that prevents more than 25 guests from attending an event or gathering;

(b) any remedy is subject to the relevant order or restriction being officially confirmed in relation to the event date; and

(c) rescheduling under clause 18(a) for the same service originally booked shall not be subject to any price increase due to increased rates from 1 April 2022, however any alternative services or add-ons will be charged at the applicable pricing at the time of the amendment or upgrade.



19. If the host requests their Bare Barbie/s undertake a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT test) prior to the event:

(a) any such request must be notified to Bare Barbies in advance, no less than 72 hours before the event;

(b) Bare Barbies will make reasonable endeavours to assign Bare Barbies to the event who agree to undertake such test, however this cannot be guaranteed;

(c) the host shall bear the cost of any such RAT tests, including shipping, which are purchased on an as-needed basis;

(d) RAT tests shall be carried out between 36 and 48 hours prior to the event;

(e) Bare Barbies does not warrant or guarantee the efficacy or accuracy of any RAT test undertaken by any Bare Barbie under this clause.

20. Further details relating to clause 19:

(a) In relation to clause 19(b): If the Bare Barbie/s do not agree to undertake a RAT test, Bare Barbies will inform the host, who may then decide whether they will proceed with the Bare Barbie/s, the service and/or any alternative arrangements.
If the host elects to cancel or amend the booking, there is no automatic entitlement to a refund or partial refund.

(b) In relation to clause 19(c): The specific cost of the RAT test (including shipping) will be agreed between Bare Barbies and the host, and shall be paid in advance of an order being placed. The host may alternatively choose to send their own RAT test kit/s to Bare Barbies, to then be posted to the Bare Barbie/s (at the host’s expense).

21. If the host requests their Bare Barbie/s to undertake a RAT test at the event:

(a) the host acknowledges Bare Barbies are lawfully entitled to refuse to undergo such testing;

(b) any time spent undertaking the RAT test or waiting for it to develop will be included in the total service time; and

(c) if the Bare Barbie/s test positive for COVID-19, or if the host does not wish to accept a Bare Barbie who has declined to take a RAT test, Bare Barbies will make its best endeavours to secure a replacement Bare Barbie or alternative service for the host, however the host is not automatically entitled to any refund or partial refund.

This Policy was last updated on 26 July 2022.

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